After much debate among the board we have devised a new fundraising requirement that puts us more in line with other non-profit sports clubs and tracks in the province. When you sign up for the club and fill out all your paperwork there will now be an additional sheet asking how you want to go about fulfilling your fundraising requirement. Some cost money, some cost time. You decide what's worth more to you, $$ or time. You only NEED to do one, but if you want to take on more work cause you love the club, we won't say no. Here are your options. This is per family, not athlete. So if you have three kids registered you have the same requirement as a lone rider.

The $200 volunteer cheque and 20 credit requirement remains in place.

1. Commit to selling $100 worth of $5 raffle tickets. Or just keep them for yourself and take your chances at winning $1000. Tickets must be paid for when registering, and you will have until June 24th to sell them

2. Commit to providing a raffle table item for the provincial race with a MINIMUM value of $50. This can be either purchased by you, or you can take the time to solicit a donation from a local business. You will be provided with a letter authorizing that you are acting on behalf of the club. You will be required to provide a post dated cheque for $50 that will be returned to you once you hand in your table item. Items must be handed in by June 6th or your cheque will be cashed and an item purchased with that money.

3. Hand over $50 so that we can buy a donation item for you and you're done. Cash, cheque, debit, or CC is acceptable.