Getting Started

The first requirement is an Edmonton BMX Association membership and a UCI license. With a full membership you are covered by a secondary medical insurance policy. You can race at ABA. Full year memberships to Edmonton BMX are available at the track.


Once you become an Edmonton BMX Association member your only other cost will be the race day entry fees at other tracks. The entry fee at these tracks entitle you to race three rounds or Motos. Race fees vary from track to track.

Practice and coaching nights are free for Edmonton BMX Members.  Anyone who does not have an Edmonton BMX club membership will be asked to pay a $5.00 drop in fee. Those licensed as Independent Riders will be charged $20.

The first thing needed to start racing is a bike. You do not need to have a full out race bike to start with, your street/park bike will work fine with a few minor modifications:

  • Your bike must have 20" diameter or less wheels. Cruisers must have either 24" or 26" wheels. 
  • All reflectors and their mounts, axle pegs, chain guard and kick stand must be removed. 
  • Rear brakes are required, either hand or coaster brakes are acceptable. 
  • Handlebar grips must be in good shape with no bar ends protruding through the grips. 
  • Axles must not protrude more than 1/4" past the axle nut. 
  • A number plate is needed and is available to purchase at our facility

Note: A number will be assigned to the rider to be used for the season.

What to do when you get to the races

The first thing you need to do when you get to the track on race day is to get registered for that days race. To do this go to the registration window of the moto shed before 6:30pm, give them your name and get registered. ALL riders must present their UCI license to the staff in the Moto Shed EVERY NIGHT YOU RACE. A separate registration will be needed for each class you want to race, e.g. Class or Cruiser. You can now go and practice for the nights races.

The information you provided when registering is now used to create the Moto sheets. These Moto sheets will be posted in a designated area at each track shortly after registration closes. These sheets tell you everything you will need to know about today's racing. It is every riders or their parents responsibility to check these sheets A.S.A.P. for any mistakes. If you find a mistake go back to registration and they will make any necessary corrections prior to the start of the races. Failure to do this can result in your rider being disqualified and not receiving the points earned at that race.

Safety Equipment

First and foremost you will need a good helmet. The helmet must be a full face design and will need to cover the temple area and ears. BMX is different from other forms of bicycle racing in that the riders are all in close proximity and there is the danger of falling. Scratch that, your child WILL fall at some point. Although serious injury is rare, his is a high risk sport and crashes happen. These helmet requirements are for the riders safety, it is your child's head we are talking about here. Helmet use is mandatory while riding a bike at all times, both on the track and in the parking lot.

In addition to the helmet you will require a long sleeve shirt, long pants (again, no denim), full finger gloves and closed toe shoes.

Body armour, neck braces, elbow pads, knee/shin guards are high recommended but not mandatory.