Edmonton BMX Volunteer Policy

Volunteers needed for regular RACING, AND PRACTICE. Signup here

Each family MUST complete 20 volunteer credits over the season (May-Sept) or their $200.00 deposit cheque will be cashed.

NOTE: Volunteer policy is for each FAMILY, not each rider. Cheques should be dated for Dec 31st of the current year.

Each family MUST complete at least one shift for the Provincials, or a Casino shift during Casino years (Even years 2014, 2016 etc). Credits earned at these events will count towards the required 20 credits

Independent riders over 16 years of age only need to complete 10 credits during the season. Independent Rider means any rider who independently gets themselves to the track, pays their own fees, races and does not in general have “family support”. They are adult racers who find it difficult to complete volunteer credits during race nights because they themselves are racing. 

Positions and their brief descriptions can be found on the website.

The program is designed to complete approximately 4 credits/month over the 5 month season. However credits may be earned at any time during the season at each family’s discretion. It is strongly recommended however NOT to leave all 20 credits to the end of the season. Not being enough shifts to sign up for at the end of the year will NOT be a valid reason for not completing the required credits. 

Monthly signup sheets will be sent the previous month electronically, to all families. Families therefore must provide a current email and check the anti-spam box on the registration form to have the lists sent to them. 

All credits will be tracked via the email used. Therefore all members in a family MUST use ONE email to have the credits tracked to the same family.

Families may signup using the website link or the day of at the track if open spots are available. 

Families fulfilling a position day of at the track must sign up on the paper copy of the signup sheet (posted on the Moto Shed) with name and email to receive family credits. 

No reminders will be sent. The link to the volunteer signup sheet will be posted on the website and social media sites to refer to if needing to double check your shift day and time. 

Families must give the volunteer coordinator a minimum of 24 hrs if they are unable to fulfill a position they have signed up for. 

Families signing up for a shift and then not showing up will be deducted 1 credit

A family summary of credits will only be done by request to the volunteer coordinator. 

For those that join after July 15th the credits required will be pro-rated down to 10.  The deposit cheque required will also be pro-rated to $100.00.

Reimbursements for injuries or other possible exemptions such as a family transfer over the summer to a different area will be at the discretion of the board.  There will be no reimbursements if a child simply decides they no longer like participating and will not be continuing. Trial license are available if a family wishes to try BMX before committing to the full season.