Racing Classes & Rankings

There are three amateur skill levels: Novice, Intermediate, and Expert. If you are a new rider - Novice is where you will begin.

See the chart below to find out which class you are in.

(Male and Female Classes are raced on 20" diameter wheels while Cruiser Classes are raced on 24" wheels)

4 & under Novice 4 & under Intermediate 4 & under Expert
5 Novice 5 Intermediate 5 Expert
6 Novice 6 Intermediate 6 Expert
7 Novice 7 Intermediate 7 Expert
8 Novice 8 Intermediate 8 Expert
9 Novice 9 Intermediate 9 Expert
10 Novice 10 Intermediate 10 Expert
11 Novice 11 Intermediate 11 Expert
12 Novice 12 Intermediate 12 Expert
13 Novice 13 Intermediate 13 Expert
14 Novice 14 Intermediate 14 Expert
15 Novice 15 Intermediate 15 Expert
16 Novice 16 Intermediate 16 Expert
17-24 Novice 17-24 Intermediate 17-24 Expert
25-29 Novice 25-29 Intermediate 25-29 Expert
30+Novice, 30+Intermediate, 30+Expert


JR. ELITE(semi-pro) - One level below Pro
ELITE MEN - 17 & Over Money Class 
ELITE WOMEN - 16 & Over Money Class
ELITE CRUISER - 17 & Over Money Class for 24" bikes

4 & under Novice 4 & Under Expert
5 Novice 5 Expert
6 Novice 6 Expert
7 Novice 7 Expert
8 Novice 8 Expert
9 Novice 9 Expert
10 Novice 10 Expert
11 Novice 11 Expert
12 Novice 12 Expert
13 Novice 13 Expert
14 Novice 14 Expert
15 Novice 15 Expert
16 & Over Novice 16 & Over Expert

9 and under Mixed
10-12 Mixed
13-14 Mixed
15-16 Mixed
17-29 Mixed
30-34 Mixed
35-39 Mixed
40-44 Mixed
45-49 Mixed
50 & Over Mixed
Female Only


In your first year as a racer, you will be required to run the LAST THREE DIGITS from your assigned CODEUCI license number.

After your first season you will qualify to run a number from one of the following levels of racing:

This is the first level of racing that you will encounter when you start BMX. You will be competing against other local racers throughout the season and your points will be tallied up at the end of the year to determine your final year-end ranking. Number-plates and prizes are awarded for achievement in each district.

Alberta BMX holds a series of "Provincial" level races where you can test your skills against riders from your respective province. You don’t need to “qualify” for these races, and you don’t need to be an expert level racer either. Classes are run just like district races, so Novice girls will race other Novice girls of the same age. They run as a series of 8 races throughout the province, plus the final race that is called “Grands” and held in early September. At the end of the year racers who compete in at least 4 series races AS WELL as Grands are awarded a “P” plate to use for the next year based on their results. Ask around at the track for more info, or go to for all the info.


The day after Grands are held the Alberta Championships take place on the same track. This race is run differently than the Series or District races. There are no ability classes, simply sex and age. So ALL 9 year old boys race together, ALL 12 year old girls race together, and so on. There will be 1/8’s, Semi’s, and Mains here so it becomes very important to start paying attention. The athletes who make it to the Main are all awarded “AB” plates based on their finishing position. The provincial champion gets AB1, second place gets AB2, and so on down to AB8.

The CCA sanctions the Canadian Championships each year and the winners of each age class earn the highest recognized UCI/CCA Canadian ranking. Again, no ability classes just sex and age. Athletes who make the Main are awarded “N” place in the same fashion as the Provincial Championships. So if you see someone with an “N1” plate, that means that person is the National Champion in their age group.


The UCI World Champion number plate is the highest ranking you can achieve in BMX. To earn a spot on Canada's Team you must first qualify through a series of events specified by the Canadian BMX Association the season prior. Athletes who make the Main are awarded “W” plates