Edmonton BMX would like to welcome you to the sport of BMX racing. BMX is an excellent individual and family orientated sport. Races are organized into girls classes and boys classes, then subdivided into age groups and skill levels. The age groups range from the 5 & under classes to the 19 & older. Within these age groups there are three skill levels for boys: Novice, Intermediate and Expert. And two levels for girls: Novice and Expert. All riders start as Novices and must work up to the more advanced levels by winning races. A Novice will move up to the Intermediate class after they have 10 wins in the Novice class. An Intermediate will move up to the Expert class after they have 20 wins as an Intermediate. Girls require 25 Novice wins to move up to Expert.

There is also competition in the Cruiser class (24" wheel) for boys and girls. The age groups for the Cruiser class are 9 & under to 51 & older. All Cruiser riders compete at the same skill level.

If you plan to come out and want to ride the track, there are a few things you must remember to have with you:

  • wear a long sleeve shirt
  • full length pants, but NOT denim
  • full faced helmet
  • full fingered gloves
  • If your bike has pegs and/or reflectors, they must be removed.

Having all your equipment, registering on time every race night and being organized will make racing start on time. Please remember, you can pre-register if you know for sure the rider will be there. There are a few ways to register for race nights. You can just click "RACE DAY" at the top of this page and register there. You can email raceday@edmontonbmx. You can call us and leave a message at 780-485-2690. Or you can simply text that number. Anyway you register you MUST include the riders name, class (eg 8 Novice male) and their plate number.  Even though you pre-registered, you MUST stop by the registration booth to confirm your registration or make sure that you are there at 6:30 and look at the Information Sheet that is posted to make sure we didn't over look you or the computer put you in a wrong class. By you taking this responsibility, this will make the races run smoothly and we can all get home at a good time. Riders that neglect to do this can cause the races to be delayed. 

So to refresh your memory:

  1. Register every race night that you are attending by either phone, email, or during the on-site registration time 5:30pm-6:30pm. Registration will close at 6:30 and we will not allow any late registrations.
  2. Check the Information Sheet at 6:30.
  3. Make sure that you are on the list and that you are in the correct age class and that your plate number is also correct.
  4. We will then announce that the Moto Sheets are posted. Please be listening for this because then you find out which races you have been put in, and we will then run according to the sheets. It's a good idea to bring along masking tape, or painters tape, and a marker. Write down the Motos that your child is in, as well as the gate, and stick it on the top tube of the bike. They'll never miss a moto again
  5. Racing will start between 7:00-7:15 as long as everyone is organized and ready.

We are looking forward to having you belong to the Edmonton BMX Association and we hope you have an enjoyable race season. 

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at info@edmontonbmx.com

**We can never start a race until we have the proper numbers of volunteers. If you are able to help out please see our volunteer coordinator, the race cannot take place without volunteers. 

**If you need equipment, don't be coming late. It is a first come first serve basis and we will only allow each rider to borrow our equipment up to 5 times. Please remember that. We are lacking in gloves so please bring your own. Any full fingered gloves will do. Those 99 cent mittens, work gloves, etc. will do the trick.