We are going to do things a little different this year. Instead of filling out the forms online, and then forgetting to bring them with you to the track, and then having to fill them out again, we are instead just doing all forms at the track. You can still pay online for your membership and jersey, just no forms.


Complete the registration form at the right (below if on mobile) for each rider in your family.

Have you read our volunteer policy? You should do that.


Membership Fee = $80 per rider

Wanna kick it old school? Cheques can be made out to Edmonton BMX Association.

Step 4: Purchase an ABA License

You need to purchase an ABA license for the season from Alberta Bicycle Association's website.

Optional: purchase an official Jersey

To order a newly redesigned 2018 Edmonton BMX jersey, fill out the online order and payment form.

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Membership Understanding *
I do hereby make application to the "Edmonton BMX Association" and agree to comply with all rules and regulations for all activities and understand that I am fully responsible for my actions. I understand that my membership will be valid from the beginning of the race season (April 1) to the end of the season (October 31).
Email Consent *
The new Canada Anti-Spam Legislation which regulates the distribution of electronic messages, came into force on July 1, 2014. To comply with this new law, the Edmonton BMX Association is required to obtain your consent in order to send or continue to send you e-communications from our organization. This includes our newsletter, as well as publications, announcements, invitations and other news and information of a commercial nature. If you choose to no longer want to receive Edmonton BMX Emails, you may withdraw your name from our contact list by you notifying Edmonton BMX.
Medical Release Understanding *
I understand that I cannot race until I have filled out and handed in the Medical Release form. Download the form using the download button on the left side of this page.